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3 Mistakes in RAID Recovery That Make You Look Dumb

RAID recovery is a process of recovering data from a RAID array which may not be functional because of a number of reasons e.g. controller problem or hard drive failure. Here are 3 mistakes which you can make during RAID recovery to make you look dumb:

Doing RAID recovery when it’s not needed

This is one of the most common mistakes that most users make in data recovery. This is very common after a user happens to hear about RAID recovery technique and arrays and he/she thinks that his system has RAID. Having little knowledge about RAID makes most people have a misconception of the recovery process and hence makes a mistake of doing RAID recovery. In most cases, most people can’t differentiate system failure from RAID failure because they have little knowledge of this technology. Therefore, they tend to apply RAID recovery instead of file system recovery procedures which makes them look dumb because they don’t know what they are doing.

Using wrong RAID type

JBODThe second mistake in RAID recovery is confusing different types of RAID during recovery. This also happens to skilled technicians who have intense knowledge in RAID recovery. RAIDO and JBOD (Just a Bunch of Disks) are the most confused when doing RAID recovery when a system has failed. However, you should know that a lot of errors might arise when you confuse RAID 5 from RAID 10 during recovery. This is common because RAID recovery software cannot distinguish RAID 5 when one disk is missing in RAID 10.

After confusing the RAID type, you should not get very worried because RAID is read-only and hence your system will operate normally. The only shortcoming of using the wrong array type is getting the wrong RAID configuration in your system because RAID arrays have specific configurations to a certain system. To help you avoid this mistake, you can follow the following tips:

  • If you’ve only two disks, they can only be JBOD, RAIDO or RAID 1.
  • JBOD cannot be ruled out in RAID recovery if you’ve several disks.
  • RAID is never created on a single disk. If you’ve only one disk, it is certainly a non-RAID system.
  • If you’ve three disks, they cannot be used for a RAID 6 or RAID 10 recovery process.
  • Before initiating a recovery process, check the motherboard manual to know the levels it can support because common motherboards do not support heavy RAID levels.

Using wrong parameters to rebuild a RAID

Rebuilding in recovery is a standard procedure which is usually performed after a failed disk is replaced in RAID 5, RAID 6 or RAID 10. Some people usually tend to force the array online using default parameters or guessing the previous set up after a problem has occurred. In most cases, some controllers tend to start rebuilding if the array is forced online. This may render it impossible to recover your data if you used the wrong parameters during the rebuild. It gets even worse as rebuilding takes place is a short period of time and even if you cancel the synchronization process, you will have already lost a lot of data that you will never recover.

To avoid making this mistake and losing your data, you can back up all your array member disks before you start RAID rebuild. Alternatively, you can opt to copy only the important data using a read-only software for back up.

How Technology Has Changed in 2016

The more we venture deeper into the digital era, the more the technology is changing consistently. Many people thought that technology had reached its peak with the invention of smartphones and numerous other mobile devices. However, it has continued to evolve and in 2016, new technology that is able to transform the world is already in place, and by the beginning of 2017, it is expected that life will be changed by technology.

Technology has Brought Changes to Our Daily Activities

Internet of ThingsIn 2016, technology has simplified the way of doing our daily tasks. Some years back, people relied on laptops as the main devices to perform various assignments. However, these devices would only access the internet in areas with Wi-Fi connection, but today, giant-sized smartphones and tablets are available, and they enable people to work from anywhere.

Battery Power

All these mobile devices require sufficient power to keep you connected with your family, friends, and workmates. Due to technology, universal chargers are now available and they are very convenient. These universal chargers are suitable for charging your tablet, smartphone, and several other mobile devices. In fact, some portable chargers can even jumpstart your car.

The arrival of Automated Technology and Internet of Things (IoT)

There are quite a good number of machines on the market with the capacity to respond to a person’s voice to follow instructions. Future machines will have the ability to recognize a person’s voice, as well as reading the emotions of the person using it. IoT is a technology just around, but the most tech-savvy individuals know extremely well that it has already arrived.

Anyone Can Become a Programmer

Recently, Microsoft launched a program called PowerApp, that in essence allows everyone to become a developer, despite their level of skills. In fact, the app allows users to create an application for their Android, Windows or iOS, without previous skills and knowledge. This is an opportunity which new entrepreneurs can use to introduce their ideas to the world, despite them lacking expertise in programming.

Autopilot Driving

Autopilot DrivingThis is a technology that was rolled out by a car company Tesla at the end of 2014. The software, which is similar to what is used by airline pilots, allows the car to be driving on autopilot. This technology is expected to become more popular going into 2017.

Management of Video Content

Many businesses have been using video content technology in their operation for some time now. Today, this technology is being integrated in all areas of operation of these businesses including customer service desks and field tech areas. It is expected that this software will continue to grow and become fully operational and integrated into management systems in 2017.

Indeed, this is how technology has changed in 2016 and is aimed at streamlining activities at the workplace. However, the changes are expected to spill over and change our lives too; making them easier. Therefore, we should all embrace these technological changes because they are meant to simplify our work and lives.